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Bloomfield History

Sources and Links
Sources and Links
Compiled Personal Histories
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Life Story of Bertie McDaniel
Town Biographies
Area Geography



Local History Sources


San Juan County

Aztec Museum, 125 North Main Street, Aztgec, New Mexico, 87410. Phone: 505-334-9829


Farmington Family History Center, 400 West Apache, Farmington, New Mexico, 87401. Phone: 505-325-5813


Farmington Museum, 302 N. Orchard, Farmington, New Mexico, 87401-6227.


San Juan County Historical Society, P. O. Box 37, Flora Vista, New

Mexico, 87415-0037. President is Catherine Davis who is also Collections Manager at the Farmington Museum.


Totah Tracers Genealogical Society, c/o Salmon Ruins Museum, P. O.

Box 125, Bloomfield, New Mexico, 87413-0125. Phone: 505-632-2013



Publications on Local History


Arrington, John B. and Eleanor D. MacDonald. The San Juan Basin: My Kingdom Was a County. Mido Printing: Denver, 1975.


Furman, Agnes. Tohta. Nortex Press: Wichita Falls, TX, 1977.


San Juan County Historical Society booklets (available at the Farmington Museum):


Craig, Phillip. The Cox-Truby Feud, 2002.


Davis, Catherine. A Railroad Here?  Meet the Red Apple Flyer, 2005.


Duke, Robert W. San Juan County: the Early Years, 1999.


Duke, Robert W. San Juan County Roars into the ’20s, 2000.


Waybourn, Marilu. Water: Lifeline of the Valley, 2004.


Waybourn, Marilu. Abandoned Cemeteries & Lesser-Known Settlements of San Juan County, NM, 2001.





Links to Local Resources


Farmington Daily Times. <> Bloomfield News. <>


Bloomfield, NM – Chamber of Commerce. <>


e-podunk. Bloomfield Community Profile. Demographic info.



Links to County Resources


Discussion board re: San Juan county genealogy. <>


San Juan County Page. Includes information on country government, basic county history and administrative details. <>




Links to New Mexico History


Brief overview <>


New Mexico Tourism Department. Links to all aspects of the state, geared toward tourists, but containing some great pictures. <>


New Mexico Tourism Department. State history, Hispanic history, and Indian History with links. <>


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Basic overview, links to overviews of each pueblo. <>


Timeline of New Mexico History <>


New Mexico Office of the State Historian. Some very interesting and specific approaches to history, and the site is beautifully done. <>